Price per month$0$19$1599
Edits per month$99 per edit$99 per edit20 edits
Edit delivery time12-24 hours12-24 hours6-24 hours
Color balancing
Audio enhancement
Licensed Music
Audio effects
Logo in corner
Branded with fonts and colors
Animated timer
Animated logo intro
Animated logo outro
Animated name titles
Edits in all formats
Export 1: 4K – 16:9
Export 2: Full-HD – 16:9
Export 3: SD – 16:9
Export 4: Portrait – 9:16
Export 5: Portrait – 4:5
Export 6: Landscape – 5:4
Export 6: Square – 1:1
Export 7: Full-HD – 16:9 – no subs
Export 8: SRT subtitle
Online instruction videos
Video upload link
Video download link
Filmkit gearbag
Mini tripod
Bi-color led light
Led light diffuser
Wireless 2.4 GHz microphone kit
Reporter microphone handle
Windshield branded with your logo
Lavalier microphone
Lightning smartphone cable
USB C smartphone cable
3.5 jack smartphone cable
Charging cables
Filmkit checklist
Filmkit lens cloth
We provide you with all the tools necessary to create authentic and high-quality footage. Our expert team then transforms your footage into professional video productions within a single day. As a Filmkit member, the benefits are remarkable. Along with receiving the Filmkit bag, exclusive masterclass access, and professional editing service, you’ll also enjoy an incredibly fast turnaround time of just one business day

10 reasons to choose Filmkit

1. Save 90%

Save 90% compared to traditional video marketing.

2. Masterclass

Our video course gets you up and running in a single day.

3. All the gear

All the tools you need to capture footage with your smartphone.

4. Edits in a day

Get your professionally edited videos within one working day.

5. Professional edits

Your authentic footage, branded, subtitled, and mastered.

6. Multiple exports

All edits in multiple formats, for use on any platform.

7. Built trust

Your authentic voice builds trust and deepens brand loyalty.

8. Your terms

Your story: no cookie-cutter explainers or stock footage.

9. All year long

Membership lets you engage your audience all year long.

10. You call the shots

Only use your call sheets and scripts, not someone else’s.